White Magic Spells Chants

[This is a spell called "Burying the Hatchet." It is used to end strife
within a family or between friends:]

get a sapling tree... type is not particular to anything but your own
tastes... or rather the tastes of the two people burying the hatchet..

get an old hatchet, some leather straps, *or ribbons*... (the
ribbons/string should be appropriate for each individual who will be
burying the hatchet...if there are witnesses, they don't need to have a
ribbon as this is for those who have "ill" feelings for each other) take
a strand of hair from each person involved in the spell... (including
witnesses) including yourself if you happen to be present...

dig a deep hole into the ground where you will be planting the tree...
about 1 1/2 or 2 feet pending on the size of the roots of the young tree...

put the hair at the bottom of the hole... tie the straps/ribbons around
the hatchet, and place into the hole... The people who will be burying
it will have to be the two that have to patch things up... Essentially,
they must both hold onto the hatchet as it is placed into the bottom of
the hole, and say the following words at the same time: *I'm sorry*...
Or if you want to get mystical... they could each express their desire
to 'bury the hatchet' between them and get on with life... this can be
done in prayer form or whatever form they feel comfortable in doing
so... but essentially it should be a heartfelt *i'm sorry* that is said
between them...

then everyone (including witnesses) involved lifts the tree up and places
it into the ground on top of the hatchet... water the tree well throughout
your lives... as it will stand for the strongest and hardest thing that
two people can do... appologise regardless of what happened...

once the hatchet is buried, it really should never be brought up again in
conversation... no strict law about it, but they've taken the steps to
breaking the hold of their own egos/pride/rightousness... AND if you
want to make it an awesome day... They can be the 'guests' of honour at
a bbq put on by yourself or whoever else wanted to host the 'burying of
the hatchet ritual...

There should be no need to repeat this spell... just go and sit around
the tree and enjoy its shade whenever times get too loaded up with
"egomania / pridemania / rightousness"...

you can take photos of this ritual to keep as a reminder when things
get rough again... *If they ever do*...
White Magic Spells Chants

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  1. And still this spell can be used as love spell to some points. thank for sharing it with us