Wonderful Inner Confidence

White Magic Spell Chants

Wonderful Inner Confidence

Move your index finger over your computer screen to blend the energies.say:

"Grant this desired wish to me, with your power and your love,
let it be three times three!
By the powers of air, fire, water and earth, I release this spell. I ask the Goddess for help this day.
With harm to none, this spell be done."

This Peace and Confidence wish spell is now activated for you on this page.
Working for you 24 hours every day … non – stop.
It will be carrying your spells energies out into the universe, calling for this wish to come true.

The Spell

Spell of Inner confidence empower me.
I will be calm, my anxiety shall be gone.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it is gone past I will turn my inner eye to see its path.

From where the worry has gone there will be confidence.
Only confidence will remain.

Spell clear me of all negative and anxiety causing impurities.
As I breathe in let me feel a wonderful Inner confidence empower me.
As I breathe out let any anxieties and low self esteem leave my body with my breath.

Inner confidence empower me,
Allowing me to be my true self.

Now may my perfect path appear to me,
No longer shall I be held back by worry.
I shall live each day with calmness and confidence.

My life will in freedom be,
Free to live my life the way I really want to.

So shall it be.

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  1. I have never thought of search spell but indeed it there and now am going to try it. thanks the tips please bring some more like love spell next time

  2. I have been chanting this and everything I wished for, it happens....all good things come....

  3. There seems to be missing...the first part should be...
    "ALMIGHTY miracles of cosmic powers,
    I call out to you
    Asking That You will grant a wish to this child of the Universe
    To experience a life of many happy and meaningful moments
    and to be.blessed with love, joy, kindness and understanding.....and.. (say your heart's desire or wish)..remember the.law of attraction ."what you give is what you receive"....just wish for something good for yourself and others.....